Run where the strength of my legs and the power of my heart help others feel the wind


Mike Shuman, Owner of Shu’s Idaho Running Company and race promoter

“Remember this event; the food, awards, the friendliness of the community and the FAST course. This is one to do!

“The course is excellent and mentally easy to run. The hills divide the course into three chunks and you work on one at a time. Being able to stay warm in the old one room school is a nice touch and there not Porta potty lines”.

Run With Brian:

“Fast, fun and despite being one of the smallest marathons in the country, it is hands down one of the best organized. Put September 10, 2016 on your calendar”.

Danielle Coffman:

“This is my absolute favorite of small marathons!!!!! ---This is a fabulous race”

Cynthia Wrinkle:

I have run the Salmon Marathon twice and of the 105 marathons I have run in the last decade it is one of my favorites. Better than average t-shirt, wonderful medal, one of the most beautiful courses, great start location and running at dawn, fine finish through town and into the park.  Lemhi Pass is a draw.”

“The course is well marked. Lots of volunteers, great water stations and goodies, good quality tshirts and participation medals.”

Missoula runner:

“Gradual downhill grade. Excellent scenery and I could soak my legs in the bitterroot while fly fishing after the race”

"The four races (and five times) I’ve been to Salmon for the race have been one of the best race experiences ever”

I have participated in 5 Salmon marathons. I have always enjoyed that Salmon marathon very much. When someone asks me “What’s a good marathon to do?” the first thing out of my mouth is “Salmon!”. 

Salmon always has great support and the town is always friendly and welcoming”