Run where the strength of my legs and the power of my heart help others feel the wind

The Course

The marathon and half-marathon is limited to 300 runners.

The race is a scenic point-to-point course that starts in Tendoy, Idaho. Tendoy, for you history buffs, is the birthplace of Sacajawea, the Agaidika Shoshone woman, who with her infant child accompanied Lewis and Clark on their historic journey to the Pacific and back.

salmon marathon start

View from the race start in Tendoy, Idaho,
where children still learn in a one-room school house.


The course follows the Old Lemhi Road as it winds along the Lemhi River west onto Main Street and into Salmon.

After crossing the Salmon River at the end of Main Street, runners will turn left into Island Park and the finish line.

View from the curves.


Approximately 21 miles of the course is dirt or gravel and dirt surface. The last five miles are on pavement. There are three short stretches along the dirt road that are paved.

There are two short hills on the course, the first hill after mile 7 and the second hill after the half marathon point.  Runners are rewarded with nice downhills after both climbs.

The remainder of the course is gently rolling, but generally downhill. This is a fast course. Your legs won't feel it, but your time will reflect it.

Because of the high proportion of dirt and gravel surfacing on this course, it is HIGHLY recommended that wheelchair racers not participate.

In the interest of runner safety, running buggies and pets are not allowed on the course.


The elevation at the start in Tendoy is 4881 feet and the elevation at the finish is 3931 feet. 


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Course Map - click for interactive site

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Deer, elk, coyotes and other animals
can be seen along the marathon route.

View from the turnaround on Bohannan Road


Average temperature at race start is about 45 degrees under a typically sunny sky. By noon, it is not unusual for the temperature to reach 70-80 degrees. Sunscreen is recommended.


Course Certification:

The Marathon course is USATF certified and qualifying results will be submitted to the Boston Marathon. The race is subject to the guidelines and restrictions associated with that endorsement.


The Marathon will be chipped timed.

Race Support:

There are 13 official aid stations and portable toilets along the course. The aid stations are stocked with first aid supplies,  Gator-aid drink, water, fruit, Power Gel and Gu. Community volunteers man the aid stations and act as traffic monitors through main street.

All proceeds benefit the local non-profit Whitewater Therapeutic and Recreational Riding providing equine assisted activities and therapies in Lemhi County since 1994.  Whitewater Therapeutic Riding coordinates the entire event.


Awards will be awarded at 12:30 p.m. at the finish line.  Awards will be given to the overall man and woman finisher and the top three finishers in each age group. 

Age Groups: (M: Overall) (M: 12-19) (M: 20-29) (M: 30-39) (M: 40-49) (M: 50-59) (M: 60+) (F: Overall) (F: 12-19) (F: 20-29) (F: 30-39) (F: 40-49) (F: 50-59) (F: 60+)