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Sponsored by Whitewater Therapeutic Riding Association

The beautiful mountain town of Salmon, Idaho is proud to be home to the Salmon Marathon.

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The course follows the Old Lemhi Road as it winds along the Lemhi River west onto Main Street and into Salmon.

After crossing the Salmon River at the end of Main Street, runners will turn left into Island Park and the finish line.  

Approximately 21 miles of the course is dirt or gravel and dirt surface. The last five miles are on pavement. There are three short stretches along the dirt road that are paved.

There are two short hills on the course, the first hill after mile 7 and the second hill after the half marathon point. Runners are rewarded with nice downhills after both climbs.

The remainder of the course is gently rolling, but generally downhill. This is a fast course. Your legs won't feel it, but your time will reflect it.

Because of the high proportion of dirt and gravel surfacing on this course, it is HIGHLY recommended that wheelchair racers not participate. In the interest of runner safety, running buggies and pets are not allowed on the course.

The elevation at the start in Tendoy is 4881 feet and the elevation at the finish is 3931 feet.